Redux Consortium

Founded in 2013 by Joe Weil and Emily Vogel as a consortium of mutual support, publishing ventures with a variety of publication models and visions share resources and talent to produce & promote high quality books, promoting diverse forms of poetry, art, & criticism.

Cat in the Sun Press

Editors: Joe Weil & Emily Vogel

Whale of Desire by Micah Towery


Micah Towery’s poems are little miracles of lyric intelligence pitched against a skeptic’s need for faith: faith in God, faith in other people, faith in love, and faith that daily life means more than its repetitions and its downward spiral toward death. His devotion to the clear expression of such mixed emotions is reflected in how these poems are by turns satiric, tender, self-deprecating, and vulnerable. And as if to match this wide range of tone, his idiom is among the most varied and surprising of any writer of his generation: he moves from high style to plain style with the assurance of O’Hara and Bishop at their best. I greatly admire the integrity of feeling in these poems, their sophistication, and their devotion to subjects that are large and important and deeply felt.

—Tom Sleigh, winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award

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Reviews of the book & Interviews

REVIEW: “Poetry of Understanding” by Shazia Hafiz Ramji from Vivascene Magazine

REVIEW: from Fogged Clarity

REVIEW: by Levi Rubeck

INTERVIEW: by Michael T. Young on The Inner Music

INTERVIEW: from Zouch Magazine for National Poetry Month


The Girls in Chartreuse Jackets by Maria Mazziotti Gillan


Watching Gillan’s artistic endeavors, over the years, I should have been prepared for this new aspect, but I was unaware of her work on canvas—delicate, highly imagined, yet able to sustain a dialogue with her poetry. It doesn’t matter what an artist’s intention is if the delivery doesn’t modify our view of the world, or touch our fiber. Gillan’s capabilities expand, giving us the desires and whims of an American Humanist with her gift, ”Behold I make things new.”

— Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books


Reviews & Publicity

From The North American Review

From Poetry Magazine

by Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books

2014 Festival of Women Writers in Hobart, NY



Midnight Elegies by Ian Colbert (Author), Steve Liu (Photographer), Nick Warner (Photographer), Maile Colbert (Contributor)




Doggerel Chaff, Lyrical Grain, and Pedestrian Preoccupations by Dave Roskos

Arks & Covenants [tentative title]: A book of essays by Alfred Corn

Pomegranate: An illustrated chapbook of poetry by Chris Robinson and Erin Pollock





Called Back Books

Editors: Sharon Zetter & Lucas Rivera


Without Repair by Colby Gillette




Numbers by Pablo Lopez





COMING SOON: Sunday Morning House (formerly thEbooks)

A press of visionary poetics.

Editor-in-Chief: Fox Frazier-Foley

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